Davy Rogers

Hi, I'm Davy,

A Web Application Penetration Tester and Content Creator.

I've been hacking, tinkering, breaking, fixing and playing with computers ever since I was a small boy. A few years ago I decided I wanted to become a full time hacker and so I set to work getting my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certificate and then started working on the Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE) course.

Back in 2018 I started a YouTube Channel based around Information Security, I try to release videos as often as I can, but things can get a little busy sometimes so if you're interested in seeing the new releases make sure you Subscribe to get notified.

Shortly after starting the YouTube channel I created a Discord Server named "The CyberSec Lounge", this was an instant success and people from all over came to have a look and things got pretty busy pretty quickly and now the server has a life of its own and is owned and managed by the admins who do an outstanding job with it. There's a ton of great stuff in the server, I definitely recommend you come and say hi.

I put this website together because I wanted somewhere to store my write-ups and articles, as well as somewhere I could host some of my videos, tools and cheat sheets. The site isn't designed to look fancy, it's designed to be fast and useful for people wanting to get into InfoSec... so I hope you stick around and have a look about.

If you want to get hold of me you can find my social links at the bottom of each page, a few of you have asked if there's a way you can support my work so I've added a PayPal link for you to use if you want to. I truly appreciate those of you who do contribute via this link, it really does help me to keep the equipment, studio and software I need to produce this content up and running.

Thank You!