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How to Exploit Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

How to Exploit SQL Injection

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How to Hack “Smasher2” on Hack the Box

Topics Covered in this article...

  • Brute forcing a web directory
  • HTTP Basic Authentication Bypass
  • DNS Enumeration to find hidden subdomains
  • Code analysis of a Python Flask application
  • Writing a proof of concept exploit
  • Reverse Engineering a shared object binary using Ghidra
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Evasion
  • Setting up persistent access with ssh

This was a frustrating and interesting challenge, there were parts of it that I really enjoyed and found very useful, and then there were brute force obstacles which I generally don’t like but are unfortunately a requirement in a number of situations.... Read More

How to Hack “Help” on Hack the Box

Topics Covered in this article...

  • Standard enumeration and information gathering
  • Identifying a vulnerability
  • Reviewing, modifying and troubleshooting an existing exploit
  • Basic Privilege Escalation

This was a fairly straight forward box with some interesting hurdles to deal with if you were in a different time zone to the creator..... Read More